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community development

The Lazarus Project endeavours to restore the broken and hurt in our society. We are constantly looking for ways to partner with other organisations and expand our own offerings so that we can help others be as equipped as possible to start again.

We partner with several activities already in place in London, such as a breakfast for the homeless on Tuesday mornings, serving dinners with Streets Kitchen over the weekend, and collecting and distributing much needed clothes and toiletries.

While we are passionate about ensuring our friends have their material needs met as much as possible, we recognise that in a city like London those needs are largely met. So the meals, the clothing, etc. are a means of tangible provision from God, but our hearts are to develop relationships with them as people and to affirm their God-given value and dignity. We want them to know that they are loved, and they are never alone. It is our profound privilege to walk with them.

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