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Graphic Design has become one of the most influential ways of reaching people in this generation. It offers the visual and mental stimulation that can capture attention and bring truth on all platforms, both digital and physical. Graphic design has the capacity to creatively express the love and truth of God by utilising where people focus their attention and staying relevant to the trends of our time. As the need for graphic design rises, our aim for this course is that students can learn the impact they can have on people near and far using graphic design and how to serve others using the gifts they have. Alongside the missional impact we can have on our generation, we aim to help students grow in their own creativity and skill level.  

We cover topics such as: digital work for social media and web design, logo design, printed graphics for marketing and magazine production and merch design. Each course is tailored to what students have a passion for while still including the basics needed. 

CURRICULUM: Lectures on design basics, how to use adobe programmes, design trends and how to utilise them, creating digital work that captures attention, printing artwork, creating outside of your style.

NEED: Computer with Adobe programmes, notebook [ something to sketch on ] and a camera if you have it.

Arise School dates:

04 March 2024

08 October 2024

Arise Internship  dates:

03 June 2024

04 March 2024

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