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Magazines are one of the most influential forms of media in the world today. We’ve all seen them, read them and know that they are constantly telling us what to wear, think, say and how to live. Can you picture a world where magazines bring Life to all who read them? We can! Through online and print distribution, we believe that magazines have the capacity to artistically communicate truth and hope in a way that is accessible to everyone. From fashion to politics to everything in between, magazines are the cross-section of many different industries, and we use them strategically to influence many different industries at once. 

One of our main focuses in Magazine Production is always collaboration. We believe that working together in a team and using our publications to create community within the art world is a powerful way to bring the principles of faith into industries that can be isolating and self-promoting. We always encourage collaboration as we’re creating magazines, both with other ministries and the industries themselves. 


In Magazine Production Ministry, we focus on both the creative side and the business/administrative side of putting together a publication. Practically this can look like learning graphic design skills, journalism, photography, planning photo shoots, editing, leading brainstorming meetings, casting vision for a team, printing, and so much more. We also emphasise what it looks like to be influences in such a key aspect of today’s culture, never losing sight that our magazines are missional. All of this training will culminate in the production of a mini-magazine at the end of your programme. 


Join us as we communicate God’s heart of creativity through magazines!

Arise School dates:

04 March 2024

08 October 2024

Arise Internship  dates:

03 June 2024

04 March 2024

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