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As a ministry, our heart has always been to worship. We believe that at the foundation, our ministry is not about music at all, but rather about service unto God and worship.

One of our main focuses is songwriting, and collaborative writing. We work as a collective in our creative process on a week-to-week basis to write together and improve our performance skills/the way we communicate the heart behind the lyrics we write. While most of our work is done in collaboration, we understand each individual has their own sound and style, and we want to create a space to adopt each unique artistry, and make space for individual creativity. 

Practically, on an average week we may do activities ranging from things such as vocal coaching, leading worship events, recording & releasing originals, playing at live music venues, learning a new instrument, brushing up on music theory, etc. 

If you have a heart to worship, and are eager to both learn and teach, please send in a portfolio alongside your application to help us get an idea of how we can best work together in this track.

Arise Internship  dates:

04 March 2024

03 June 2024

Arise School dates:

04 March 2024

08 October 2024

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