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Social media is one of the best and most effective ways to reach our generation - but it can also be the most dangerous. It’s an amazing tool as it transcends cultural, national, and age limits to reach everybody with Internet access equally, but it also opens the door for misinformation, comparison and desensitisation. 

In the Social Media ministry, we have a strong passion to not shy away from social media but rather be agents of change on its influential platforms. We believe that God has placed us in this generation for a purpose and we believe that He wants to use social media to reach many - it’s a modern mission field! We have a heavy focus on the type of content that we are producing and how it will affect those who are consuming it, and we also pay attention to what we are consuming ourselves. We see how we can use social media to inform, inspire and create healthy community online.


In this ministry, we’re always looking to learn new skills and about new platforms as social media is always evolving. We look at content creation and planning, photography, graphic design, caption writing and more as we see how we can produce quality content that reaches many with the Truth. The main platforms that we use are Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, but we’re always open to try something new! 


Come and join us as we share who God is in creative ways on social media!

Arise School dates:

04 March 2024

08 October 2024

Arise Internship  dates:

03 June 2024

04 March 2024

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