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The tattoo ministry begins to teach you how to live a lifestyle that doesn’t separate secular from sacred, but instead brings the holiness of the Gospel to an industry that desperately needs the light of God. The art form itself is a declaration. Every tattoo declares something over the body that it’s on, so let’s learn how to help declare things over people that will serve them for years to come instead of tear them down.​


 Since visual arts and composition are the foundation of tattooing, in this ministry you will be pushed to further your skills in drawing, painting, sketching, or even graffiti, to give you a good grounding to begin tattooing. You’ll get HANDS ON training in conceptual and technical tattooing, ethics in the industry, drawing and composition, shop essentials and laws, and more. 

 Most importantly you will be introduced to what God is doing in this industry and how you can partner with Him. If you are passionate about God and about ink then come and join us for this journey!

 Please send a portfolio alongside your application to help us see your style and get an idea of how we can best work together in this ministry.

Arise School dates:

04 March 2024

08 October 2024

Arise Internship  dates:

03 June 2024

04 March 2024

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