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What is Arise uk?

Arise UK is a ministry initiative of Hope and Anchor that

longs to see the United Kingdom transformed by the power

of God! This is done through two main expressions:

training and outreach.


The Arise UK Training programmes offer a unique experience of full-time missions

in an urban setting. Based in London, one of the most transcendental cities in the world, you are able to serve with our church as well as have an opportunity to partner with the various ministry initiatives of One UK. The heart of these programmes is to train passionate people in how to use their God-given gifts fro ministry and missions, which will then go on to impact the communities they are released into afterwards!


Community outreach is the DNA Arise UK. By joining forces with other churches and Christians around the UK, our goal is to reach the communities of London and beyond with the Gospel. We do this through street evangelism, creative evangelism, partnering with the outreaches of local churches and more.


One of our biggest impacts of the year is Summer of Service (SOS), which is a camp that leads up to a dynamic evangelism time at the Notting Hill Carnival. This camp involves reaching several of the boroughs of London through different times of outreach, along with worship nights, community time and preparations for the Carnival itself. We are also planning a Christmas market outreach to reach the community in Hackney Wick at the end of the year. Stay tuned for more info!


As the Great Commission commands, we are to go into all of the nations and make disciples, and it’s our heart to play our part in making disciples in the UK. We believe that God longs to restore His people and these nations, and for His Kingdom to reign in the United Kingdom!

How to Join:

- PRAYER: we need prayer warriors to come alongside us and intercede for revival to burst forth in the United Kingdom! See below for more specific prayer points.


- DONATE: By clicking on the link below, you can support the outreaches financially, from supplies to food and more.


- JOIN OUR OUTREACH: Whether you’re a Londoner and want to join us for a local outreach or you want to being a team of people to our Summer of Service, send us a message to see how you can be involved!

Prayer Points:

- For those joining us for the SOS, and that the right teams will come and connections will be made to reach the UK in the most effective way we can.


- For God to prepare the ground in the London neighbourhoods that we will be impacting during the SOS (Notting Hill, Hackney Wick, Kings Cross, Camden, Trafalgar Square)


- For the Notting Hill Carnival itself, that God will protect us and those who attend, and that people’s hearts will be softened to hear the Gospel


- For equipment, resources and finances for the carnival preparation


- For fresh vision as a ministry in all of our events during the year, that God will lead us in how to reach people and that He will be glorified throughout the UK!

- Unity amongst the team as we bring together campers and church members from around the world


- Safety and good health for each camper and staff member throughout the camp 


- Increased involvement and relationship with local churches

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