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Short Films

By Hope + Anchor Members


We created this short to encourage the City of London, the city we live in and the city we love. We hope that this short film inspires you to look out for the places and people you love in your city.

We believe that the declaration of words have power and that it changes the atmosphere of a place. Do you believe it? 

Be part of #mycityoflife and bring encouragement and truth to your city! Just click on the link and it will explain to you how.

Into The Light | Christmas Day Service

Come and join us in our last year’s Christmas Day Service and discover the reason why we celebrate Christmas with fresh eyes.

The sheperds were in awe as the angel announced Jesus' birth. A soldier gets thrown back to the last time he felt peace and warmth. A young man looks for the sense of purpose in his life and different groups of friends and family are enjoying their time together during Christmas. The one thing that connects all these people is the sense of hope that underlies everything. 

Here is the first Online Christmas Service that we had as a church where we reflected together with Camden Town Community Choir about the year of our Church. 

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